About Us

What is Bagafa!

Our story is important to us so let us share it with you. Bagafa stands for Rising…Together. It was derived from a small tribe who migrated to a new town back in the early 1900s in West Africa.

They struggled to integrate, as their host community did not afford them equal opportunities. The traveling tribe then decided to work as a community to help one another grow by keeping their spending within their tribe and attaining excellence in their individual crafts to the point at which the host community began to use their services more and trust their goods better.

This helped the traveling community thrive to a point of affluence and influence. Furthermore, they started sending funds back home to help the relatives they left behind. The locals later called this system Bagafa.

This principle underpins everything we stand for. We will support black businesses to grow by providing a platform for them to reach the millions of black people in the UK and anyone else interested in Afro-Caribbean inspired products. A percentage of our profit will be used to support Black causes here in the UK, Africa and the Caribbean.

We are a Tribe. We are the Bagafa Tribe. Join the Bagafa Tribe here

Why We Exist

There are thousands of Black entrepreneurs creating amazing products all across the UK. Our aim is to ensure millions of people see those amazing products! This ensures they focus on being the game changers that they are by being creative and awesome!

What Role We Play

We are not simply a platform for Black entrepreneurs to list their products but rather, we are collaborating with these tribeswomen and tribesmen to help them develop their overall business. This includes Marketing, Finance Management, and Networking etc.

Supporting Black Entrepreneurs

By shopping on Bagafa, it means you are supporting this community and ensuring the sustainability of their business!