You have questions, we have answers so let’s dive right in!

Where are products coming from?

All products are currently in the UK as sellers are UK based. Some of the products have been ethically sourced from Africa and the Caribbean to support our brothers and sisters out there

Can I also sell my products?

Yes you can. Kindly Register here

Do you ship outside the UK?

Currently we are only UK-centric but plan to expand in the coming months and years

How ethical are the products on the website?

Products are usually ethically sourced. We are currently educating our sellers and working with them to ensure continuous improvement. This is a journey and Bagafa is absolutely dedicated to staying on course to ensure our world is not negatively impacted by our actions

What countries do you give a percentage of your profits to?

Black causes in the UK, African and Caribbean countries. We will engage the tribe to determine who gets our support each year

What does Bagafa mean?

Please visit our About Us page to understand what our name means and what we stand for

How quickly can I get my product once I pay

On each product page, the seller will specify how quickly product will be posted. If you are having issues, please get in touch with us

I am not happy with my product, what can I do?

Please reach out to us via the Contact Us form

How can I support Bagafa?

Buy products from our website. Mention our website to your friends and family. Mention us on your social media. Leave a review

What is your key driving force

Supporting minority Black entrepreneurs to help them achieve their full potential and contribute to the success of the UK economy

Where else can I find support

Reach out to us using our Contact Us page